CEPP is an international organization based in the USA and Ecuador. Since 1979 we have launched and sponsored hundreds of social development projects with emphasis in education, environmental awareness, professional development and community empowerment. CEPP is member of the United Nations’ International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Ecuador's Social Contract for Education.

Decades of accumulated experiences and highly trained professionals including biologists, educators, sociologists, communicators and computer engineers, have allowed us to bid and win important licitations. CEPP has vast experience in consulting for governmental institutions and multilateral organizations including the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador, the United Nations, Carnegie Mellon University, among others.

We have developed our own portfolio publicly available that allows us to fund most of our social initiatives. We have a variety of Learn & Travel packages in Ecuador that allow professionals and people in general to tour through fascinating locations, while learning about cultures, biodiversity, or even retiring abroad. Another part of our portfolio offers continuing education courses which are open for the community.

What we do


USA: Center for Education and Professional Promotion Incorporated. 501(c)(3) Tax exempt organization. Mailing Address: 1732 1st Ave. New York, NY 10128.


ECUADOR: Centro de Educación y Promoción Social y Profesional CEPP. Resolución MIES 1234.221.4 Dirección: Manrique Lara E14-393 e Illanes. Edif. Monet D2. Quito.