On 2016 the CEPP carried on three successful programs in the fields of environmental conservation, academic mobilization and disaster relief. Aula Verde training program was successfully completed on January 2017 with over 680 park rangers trained overall. The reconstruction project in Coaque gave a new hope to 100 families stricken by disaster on 2016; and the CMU master’s program for Ecuador allowed 4 Ecuadorian students to join the elite in one of the best computer science schools in the world.


Carnegie Mellon University

Since 2015 CEPP began an intense collaboration with the highly recognized Language Technology Institute, a research Center part of the Computer Science School in CMU. 

CEPP was selected to carry on an unparalleled project in Ecuador: To promote and recruit candidates with outmost preparation and the highest academic level to apply for a spot in the Masters of Science in Biotechnology, innovation and Computation offer by LTI.

Our historic collaboration with CMU culminated successfully with the acceptance of four Ecuadorian candidates to one of the best Computer Science Schools in the US and the world.


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