CEPP has an extended expertise the field of education, pedagogy and learning. Our teams of professionals and consultants are capable of designing and producing methodologies, textbooks, interactive materials, multimedia materials for any educational, vocational or training program.


CEPP has a proven pedagogical, andragogical and educommunicative expertise to produce educational resources of various kinds and with different technologies. We develop materials which enhance the reader and writer understanding, scientific knowledge, problem solving, development of critical thinking, and the generation of intellectual and practical products, useful for contexts where trainees perform.

We have provided services for many Institutions in Ecuador, including Ministries, Universities and Schools. Our team of experts include experts in education and pedagogy as well as multimedia and graphic designers. All of the material we produce undergoes a detailed inspection by our editor before approval and delivery to our clients.


USA: Center for Education and Professional Promotion Incorporated. 501(c)(3) Tax exempt organization. Mailing Address: 1732 1st Ave. New York, NY 10128.


ECUADOR: Centro de Educación y Promoción Social y Profesional CEPP. Resolución MIES 1234.221.4 Dirección: Manrique Lara E14-393 e Illanes. Edif. Monet D2. Quito.