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Aula Verde II

Aula Verde Program is a professional training program designed for personnel in charge of managing Ecuador’s protected areas located in mainland territory.

The main objectives of the program are: To strengthen the skills and capabilities of the human talent working in protected areas nationwide; and, to contribute the consolidation of Ecuador’s National Protected Areas System.

The curricular design of the program was based on the study: “Ecuador’s protected areas personnel training needs (2012)”; based on the results of this study, CEPP developed the professional profile of the Park Ranger, the Wildlife Technician and the Area Manager. Once the training needs and the professional profile was defined, the curricula designed was also adapted to the protected areas management plans and policies issued by the Ministry of Environment.

The first phase of the program Aula Verde was implemented from 2012 to 2017 time that served to consolidate two training systems: the first mode was an onsite classroom training mode successfully completed in Quito and in 30 venues all over Ecuador; the second training mode was completed with a blended system that included 2 platforms:

a) Aula Verde's offline platform

b) Aula Verde's online platform

In November 2016, Aula Verde’s results were presented to the Ministry of Environment, during the meeting the results and goals achieved were greatly embraced by the Ministry of Environment, CEPP and the funding partners: 49 protected areas participated with 687 park rangers, 50 managers and 25 wildlife technicians successfully trained.

This first phase has become the milestone that supports the expansion of Aula Verde to other potential beneficiaries, including protected areas managed by public administration offices such as municipalities and reserves administrated by communities and private institutions.


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