CEPP’s Education for Conservation is the best otption for specialists, university students and community leaders who are searching for an unforgetable learning experience and to improve their skills on natural resources management and environmental conservation.


Wildlife Management

The expansion of human demands for water, land and food combined with climate change have made wildlife conservation a top priority for governments, civil organizations and companies all the same.

CEPP has developed a training program focused on improving the many skills required for a professional to be considered a Wildlife Management Specialist.

CEPP’s Wildlife Management Training Program is available for technicians and personnel from such institutions as the Ministry of Environment, Municipalities, Provincial Governments and professionals interested in perfecting professional skills in the fields of: Ecology, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Rescue, Environmental Legislation, among many others.

The main objective of the program is to strengthen the institutional capabilities and skills of local offices and its conservation and environmental Units, in charge of managing protected areas.

The final goal of the program is to deliver the knowledge and tools required to apply a landscape systemic approach as a central part of any wildlife conservation program or strategy, thus improving the chances of the organizations and institutions in the territory to promote sustainable development initiatives in local communities.

This program was developed as part of Ecuador’s Ministry of the Environment Project: “Landscape strategies and approaches applied as part of Ecuador’s National Protected Areas System management, to improve the conservation of endangered wildlife” created by CEPP in 2016.

The Wildlife Management Training Program was designed to be implemented under a virtual education modality with the support of an online platform. The program includes 13 study units, averaging 200 study hours.


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