Our faculty lead programs are design for groups of students interested on living the culture and biodiversity of Ecuador; and, for instructors who seek to innovate and explore new horizons with their students. CEPP has a lot of experience developing high quality learning programs, we can help create an unforgettable learning experience.



This program is designed to let participants experience Ecuador’s biodiversity hotspots and its unique landscapes in some of the greatest natural protected areas while interacting with local communities. 

Experience Ecuador's natural heritage and megadiversity while you discover the majestic volcanoes of the Andean Range, the abundace of the wild amazon rainforest, the wonders of the tropical Pacific Coast. Get the extended pack and follow the footsteps of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution in the Galapagos Islands.

Explore the Andean Highlands surrounded by breathtaking volcanoes, and notice some of the adaptations developed by the flora and fauna species to survive in the cold. See all sorts of hummingbirds, colorful orchids and giant ferns.

Visit the polylepis forests and the Andean forest, home of the spectacled bear and the wilderness wolf. And be astonished by beautiful highland lakes, such as the Quilotoa Lagoon, a volcanic crater filled by a beautiful emerald lake located at 3.850 meters (12.631 feet).

Discover the tropical rain forest in the Amazon Region while visiting one of the most important Wildlife Reserves in the Planet: Cuyabeno. You will be amazed by gigantic trees up to 50 meters in high, brightly colored parrots, arboreal mammals, and the magestic rivers that fed the legendary Amazon, home of the black caiman, the anaconda, the giant otter and the pink dolphin. 

All the visits will be guided by a Biologist capable to provide key information about the wildlife and main characteristics of the place at hand.

While you travel around the country you will have the opportunity to know different Andean and Amazon local communities, each with their unique language, traditions, clothing and ways of understanding their surroundings.  

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