Our faculty lead programs are design for groups of students interested on living the culture and biodiversity of Ecuador; and, for instructors who seek to innovate and explore new horizons with their students. CEPP has a lot of experience developing high quality learning programs, we can help create an unforgettable learning experience.


Cultural Experience

The learning experience is better if lived firsthand, if you are interested in designing or being part of a study program in Ecuador with emphasis in Spanish skills development and cultural exchange, we can help you do it.

Few countries pack as much cultural diversity into such a small space as Ecuador. If you take part in this program you will be able to experience an interesting sample of Ecuador’s culture, journeying across the most beautiful scenery in “the Avenue of Volcanos”, an amazing route that takes the traveler to small towns and cities located in the mythical Andes Highlands all the way to the amazon jungle and the Ecuadorian coastline.

Our headquarters are located in San Francisco de Quito, capital of Ecuador and home of the best-preserved historic center in Latin America. Founded in the 16th century on the ruins of an Inca city, Quito has always been considered a strategic land, located at the heart of Ecuador it is the perfect place to begin any travel experience in the country.

We are prepared to offer our customers the best experience possible, covering all the traveler’s needs plus providing unforgettable moments that could take you from colonial Quito to the amazing Cochasqui archaeological complex of the culture Quito-Cara, or to visit the indigenous communities of the Saraguro and Tsachilas people.

We encourage all of you looking to be part of a unique learning experience to contact us, we’ll be happy to design your next learning tour and provide valuable information about Ecuador’s cultural hotspots.


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