Project managers are responsible for the implementation of strategic plans granting their teams with the tools and knowledge required to complete their activities successfully and achieve the objectives and goals set. The Monitoring and Evaluation component of a strategic plan is essential to measure the progress and evaluate the results of any project, allowing managers and their teams to be more effective and efficient.


The strategic planning of programs and projects is essential to achieve the programmatic objectives of any process. A vital part of this planning process is the design and implementation of a Monitoring and Evaluation methodology, this allows teams to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of their actions. In addition, this also allows the organization to evaluate their resources usage, and determine important aspects such as the impact of their actions and projects; evaluate the cost-benefit of the resources invested; and, plan their budget adequately according to the reality and juncture of the organization.

CEPP has an extensive experience developing and implementing M&S methodologies for projects in such fields as environmental conservation, natural resources management, education and pedagogy, social development, democratic awareness, political organization, among others. We have worked with many Ecuadorian organizations and international institutions on the implementation of projects, experience that served to build up our profile and expertise on M&E methods design and implementation.

Finally, we understand the M&E process as a learning experience that servers as an important element on the organization’s growing process and understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.


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